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Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Vogue Patterns!

I'm so excited about these new Vogue patterns!  In keeping with my desire to sew clothes I'll wear in my everyday life, I won't be showing the cocktail dresses, fabulous though they may be (looking at you, 1339, 1342, and 1340).

I'll be making 1343 ASAP.  I think I even have a good fabric, if I have enough.  With some flat sandals, I can wear this to take the kids to swim lessons and stuff, right?
1344 is really cute, but I'll probably stick with the one above. 
I am drawn to 1337 between the blousey top and wide belt.  Maybe this would be cute over leggings, or maybe i could shorten it to a top to wear with cropped slim pants.  I even like the batwing effect, which usually doesn't excite me.
I like the simple shape of this vintage dress, too.  8875 could be another cute, casual dress in a fun cotton.
8882 is a very cute skirt.  I'm trying to imagine it apart from my imaginary Italian vacation.

8883 look very cute as the shorts option, but I'm not sure...  Might wait to see these made up a few times first.  :-)

8884 looks like a really great jacket.  I do not need any more jackets, though.  For real this time.

8888 looks like some nice summer jammies.  I'm  more the cozy knit jammie type, though.


velosewer said...

Oh please. When you see a great jacket pattern I can't hold back and not make it. I'd make the jacket eventhough I don't need another:)
Love the jammie set too.

Tampa Bay Lisa said...

The 1st dress is SUPER cute! I think it's perfect for a mom-on-the-go! And I can see you in Italy in that skirt!! :-)

Anonymous said...

See, I was thinking 1337 (the batwing top) was cute too, just not as a dress. I admit I am a bit turned off by the crazy pose. I hope you make it!

Lois Evensen said...

All of them will look great on you. I remember the pleasure I had in spending hours leafing through the big pattern books at the store and picking out the next things I would make. Ah, those were the days. Now I am just not home long enough to do that.