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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Chanel-style jacket - part 1

This is my weekly UFO/refashion post.  I was feeling ambitious this week, so I pulled out a "UFO" that consisted of just the cut pieces of a Chanel-style sweater jacket.  I am not in the habit of cutting out patterns to sew at a later date.  I'm not sure why I cut this one out and never sewed a single stitch, but there it was. 

The pattern is Vogue 7975, which I've never made before.  I remember cutting out this jacket RIGHT before Claire Shaeffer's Vogue 8805 was release, and then I thought, "oh nuts, I should have waited for this one."  Oh well, I'll get around to that one soon enough.  The thing is, I've read all of the recent Vogue Pattern Magazine stories by Claire Shaeffer about making this style jacket, and I read one of her books which discusses this extensively, so when I actually sewed up this jacket this week, I didn't even look at any directions. 

I followed the basic construction I remembered - quilt the shell to the lining, leaving seam allowances free, machine-stitch the pieces together keeping the lining free, and then hand stitch the lining together at each seam.  Time-intensive, yes, but not difficult.  The right neckline looks a bit wonky in this photo, so I may redo that.  What's missing now is all of the lovely trim that makes it special (and the patch pockets I didn't add yet).  I'm planning a hook and eye closure for this jacket.  The fabric is some yummy Linton Tweed I picked up in England.  Oh it was lovely living in Europe.  :-)

Shout out to my mommy and daddy who gave me the dress form for Christmas. :-)  I am having much fun with it!

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velosewer said...

I can see this is going to be a treasured piece in your collection.