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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Matching Toddler and Doll Clothes

I made my almost-two-year-old niece her Christmas gift this year, and from what I hear, she likes it.  :-)  She is very involved with her "Baby" a bitty baby doll, and Baby only had one outfit, so Aunt Jenny made her and her doll a matching outfit and pj's.
These aren't the best photos since I took them a dark December night while frantically wrapping and packing a mailer. 
Here are th ematching skirt outfits.  For E's little tees, I traced an old pj top of my son's in the appropriate size.  I also had my sister take some critical measurements of the little model (waist, sleeve length, diaper girth...)  For the doll, I found a lot of the measurements online and got the rest from my sister also (such as doll head circumference to make sure the shirts fit over her head).
I didn't want the tees to be too boring, so I added a little braid detail to the necklines.
For the jammies, I also traced old 2t clothes of my son's and worked off my baby doll measurements.
I've had this knit print from JoAnns sitting around for awhile, waiting for the perfect niece project.
I think they turned out really cute, and, more importantly, I hear that Miss E likes them.  I'm planning to do the same for her second birthday coming up in a couple months.


cherylanne said...
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cherylanne said...

How cute, I bet she love her gift.

Leslie said...

These are adorable! I made my daughters a couple of doll outfits each for Christmas and had the idea to make matching clothes for them but never got around to it. Great job on yours!