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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Striped Box Pleat Skirt Tutorial

The vague inspiration for this skirt was these striped skirts I've seen popping up in a few places this spring.  Modelled photos to come...

I did not use a pattern, but I took a bunch of photos of my construction process.  Then I realized I didn't have a memory card in the camera.  This is happening a lot to me lately. :-/

Here is the process I used.  I hope it makes sense if you've made a few skirts before.  I started with 3/4 yard of fabric.

Measured the width of the fabric (45") minus center back seam allowances (1") = skirt fabric to work with (44")

Measured my waist where I wanted the waistband to hit (33").  Cut off a strip of fabric to become the waistband.

Skirt fabric (44") minus waist (33") = fabric to use for box pleats (11")

Decided number and placement of box pleats (5), then fabric per box pleat (about 2.25") - mine are little pleats.  This would be fabulous on some wider width fabric, too, with deep pleats.

Formed box pleats and basted in place. 

Attached waistband.

Attached zipper and hemmed skirt.

Folded over waistband and stitched in the ditch on the front, between the waistband and skirt to secure the facing inside.  (Make any sense?) 

Attatched hook and eye at top of skirt and did a little hand-finishing at the edges.

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Lois Evensen said...

Nice. I remember doing this in Home Economics Class in Jr. High. We had to measure ourselves and make the skirt without a pattern. It was a good project to learn to do it ourselves.