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Friday, April 27, 2012

Rocky Coast Cardigan

Voila!  My favorite new sweater!  This is the quickest sweater I've knitted in... ever.  I'm sure the size 10 needles had something to do with that.  The pattern is in the book Coastal Knits, where I also got the pattern for this hat.  The pattern's ravelry page is here.
 There's not much else to say - it was a pretty easy knit, and I think it looks really nice.
 After I finished it, I saw there are some suggestions to improve the fit around the neck and upper arms.  I can see how that would be good (it's a bit snug up top), but I find it fits ok as written.
 The fabric is Berroco Ultra Alpaca (50% alpaca/50% wool).  It's a bit warm for now, even with the open stitches, but it'll be great in the fall.
 There is no closure on the cardi, so I used this little pin I got in Orkney in Scotland.  It's the edge of a ship.
 Here it is open.
 And here it is in action with one of my little hams, all ready for bed.


velosewer said...

Whoo hoo. Great sweater. I love hearing quick knitting successes like yours.

Rachel said...

That is so beautiful!! I started back knitting last month after quitting for 2 years.

Lois Evensen said...

Wonderful sweater and looks super on you. :)

Amanda S. said...

I love this on you! It's really beautiful, both in color and fit. Great job!

Tampa Bay Lisa said...

Love it!