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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Simplicity 2564

Here is skirt #2 for my Sawyer Brook sew along!
The pattern is Simplicity 2564 and the fabric is Springtime Satin in leek.  It's a bit snug.  I didn't used to have the problem that things came out too small, and this has happened before in the recent past, so I think it's time to take new measurements.

aaaand.... BOOM, the booty.  This is the reason I won't be wearing this skirt to church tomorrow.
I explained the scalloped hem here.  The only thing I'll add is to recommend doing that with a facing instead of a lining (which I did).  No matter how you smooth and pin, there will be little hang-ups on the lining, and I find myself adjusting quite often in this skirt.  In hindsight, I could have done the scallop with a 4" or so facing and then still added a lining that ended above the scallops.  Live and learn.


Gabrielle said...

This is a lovely chic skirt on you - it's a shame it feels a tad tight, as the colour and shape are great on you. BTW I always read your blog on my mobile phone so I don't comment often (seems near impossible on my phone) but I love your style!

velosewer said...

This is a very pretty skirt and outfit. You look good.