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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Marfy notes

I wanted to address the comments on my post about Marfy patterns.

       Emily said "I would love to try a marfy...but I'm never sure where to start! Thanks for the post!"
       and Rachel said "Thank you so much for showing this. I have always been scared of Marfy because of having no instructions, but actually seeing one takes some of the fear away."

Yea!  That was my hope for that post.  I hope you give them a try.  I'll walk through my experience with this one.  I really think the confidence boost for your first Marfy is to find a similar pattern or patterns in your stash and use those instructions to guide you.

       Patsy said "Wow, I'd never seen those before. I followed your link and looked at some of them. They look 'interesting' and challenging. But since they require a bunch of measurements, they might fit (me) better than some of the other brands. I always end up altering them like crazy."
They do give lots of measurements to compare, and they do run true to their sizing (unlike some pattern companies, where I sew 1-2 sizes down from what my measurements would suggest).  One downside I didn't think to mention is that they offer a pretty limited size range for most of their patterns, and grading some of them down or up could be a REAL challenge. 

       Lois said "My goodness, Marfy patterns do just about everything they can to keep people from using them!"

I know!  That page always cracks me up.  I mean, yeah, they have no directions, but apart from that, they're not substantially different from a Vogue pattern. 

       Kaydee11 said "That's going to be a beautiful dress! I have a couple of questions about your pattern. It only has the bodice pieces, so where will you get the skirt pattern pieces? Did you know the skirt pieces were not included when you ordered it?"

Yes, I did know I would receive just the bodice.  Marfy always sells single garment patterns.  There are no separates patterns.  The skirt is 1777, but I didn't buy it.  It's $14.50 and a pretty simple skirt.  I'll either use another skirt pattern I have or just make a simple A-line or gathered-waist skirt.  I haven't decided yet.

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