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Monday, October 17, 2011

Marfy 2608

Well, I have finally taken the photos of Marfy 2608.
Where to begin?  I had planned to make Marfy 1776, my gown, first, but while at my favorite local fabric store, I found the skirt fabric (a nice, thick poly stretch satin) and knew I needed to use it for something!  I decided it would make a great skirt for this pattern and got the cooridnating navy for the bodice. 

I showed you a Marfy pattern here.  I basically just jumped in, starting with the easier parts.  I put the darts in the skirt and sewed the skirt together.  Ok, don't need directions for that... so far, so good.  The top was trickier.  I sewed the darts first and then just kind of thought through each step carefully.  I was afraid this would require tons of hand-sewing, but I guess I did the order of operations pretty well, because there was very little of it.

My one regret - should have used a navy zipper.  I was more concerned about a dark zipper showing on the light skirt, but I didn't think about the white zipper pull hanging down on the navy.  I left the scarf thingy free for now.  I'm on the lookout for a fabulous buckle or brooch to fasten it up like in the pattern drawing.

Note to self:  pull that skirt down!

Inside of the bodice.  The shininess on the upper left is a piece of fashion tape I use to keep that section affixed to my chest.  Cheating?  Perhaps.  At least it's not hot glue, a la Project Runway.

I was careful to match the fabric design at the center back seam.  It's distorted up higher, where the seam curves in for the sway of the back, but the bottom looks nice.  I used interfacing at the all the bodice opening edges to keep everything laying as flat against my skin as possible.

Inside detail. I lined the bodice but not the skirt, since that was quite heavy already.  I used bias tape to finish off the inside zipper nicely.

I'm very proud of this dress, both for me figuring out how to construct the interesting design with no directions, and also just because I think it's a pretty awesome dress!  I can't wait to wear it out to a nice dinner. 


Sue said...

Fab looking dress! I have heard you can 'paint' the zipper pull with nail polish... may be worth a try.

Audrey said...

Your dress looks so pretty and unique. I have sewn Marfy patterns and can imagine that the bodice on this dress took some thinking and planning. Great job!

Maritza said...

Hi.... beatiful and very elegant....congratulartions!!!

Monica said...


Libby said...

Your dress turned out amazing!

Cennetta said...

Oh boy! Two gorgeous dresses. Liana was in Chicago a few weeks ago to give a presentation on sewing Marfy pattern. I'm planning to try them soon. You did a great job of making this dress with no directions.