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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Shorts, cooking, and painting

This morning, I diligently took pictures of my newest complete garment, a pair of wool shorts. Unfortunately, I didn't want to drag my pint-sized photographer outside and didn't want to get out the nice camera and change the lens, and they came out very badly, so I'll be staging another photo shoot soon.

Until then, here's a quick look at the problem I had with pockets bagging out.

I simply unstitched the basting at the top of the pocket and pulled the front piece up about 3/8". Worked like a charm.

In other news, here's a lovely Florida tomato tart I made on Sunday night. Isn't it pretty? I got the recipe from a little booklet that was free with a local farm stand purchase of tomatoes. Unfortunately, my husband wasn't a huge fan of the spice mixture and texture, and the kids weren't crazy about it (and they're not generally picky eaters), so if I make it again, I'll definitely tweak it a bit. Kind of sad when your homemade pie crust and fresh, local produce culminate in a pretty, but not delicious ending.

Finally, here's a look at my kitchen walls. You may recall I had painted them bright green and then had second thoughts about the brightness. I ended up sponge-painting over all but the wall behind the cabinets with a lighter green. I'm happy with the results and am anxious to make the curtains. I'm not allowing myself to buy the fabric until I touch up the white trim, though. :-) (and that's my littlest ham, trying to find the perfect piece to complete his train track. He couldn't find it by rummaging, so I guess he had to get in and have a look.)

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