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Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Recap

See my fancy pie chart? That's my sewing in 2010.

Tops 13
Craft Sewing 7
Dresses 5
Skirts 5
Kids 3
PJs 3
Pants 2
Outerwear 1

I had to get my recap in here! Here are my favorites, the ones that I look at and think "oh I love that!" and that I wear a lot.

Hands down my favorite of the year. I wear it a lot.

Good for both summer and layering now.

Three dresses that fit very well and get a lot of wear for church.

My favorite skirt of the year. Great fabric, simple silhouette.

Had to slip my cape in here, even though I've only had one occasion to wear it.

Checking up on last year's goals:
1. Blog consistently - I felt like I blogged more than I did. I actually blogged more in 2009 that last year. So, my goal this year is three times a week, posting something. I've set specific days of the week for myself. :-)

2. More "crafty" sewing. I did a little more of this, but I didn't finish Paul's quilt.

3. Sew and knit from stash (almost) exclusively. Um, not really. I did institute a rule that fabric purchases must be for immediate, specific projects, and I've done quite well sticking to that. At any rate, I've greatly curbed the fabric purchases.

This year's big plans:
make myself a Chanel-style jacket, for real this time!
complete my third Stitcher's Guild SWAP
make my husband a dress shirt

So there you have it. Looking forward to 2011!


Sue said...

You have had a great year! Well done on cutting back the fabric shopping - I think I will have to follow your example on that one!

Lois Evensen said...

Hi Jenny,

I've enjoyed reading your blog this year. Your favorite skirt reminds me so much of a free-style crochet afghan I made. I like your skirt, too, not only the colors, but the fit looks so flattering and comfy.

Very best for 2011!

Amy said...

You've made some fantastic things. That cape is amazing! I want to make a Chanel-style jacket too. What pattern are you thinking of using?