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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Starting to decorate

So... be prepared for some posts about decorating. We're moving into our new house this weekend (YIPPEE!!) so I went crazy at Bed, Bath, and Beyond today. I got the wall cabinet above for the boys' bathroom. I'm going for a jungle theme in there, planning to stencil monkeys on the wall.

I got this comforter/sheet set for the guest room. My parents are coming a week after we move in, so I have to be prepared, right? I looooove mostly white bedding. Not sure why. I guess it's the illusion of cleanliness. :-) Anyway, this is way too girly to pass the husband test for our bed, but it's perfect for a cheery guest room/sewing room.

Here's a little BB&B tip - if you go on their website and join their email list, they'll email you a coupon right away for 20% off one item - very handy when buying that bed-in-a-bag.

So, does this decorating stuff interest you? It will evolve to include wall painting and such pretty soon. :-) Sewing will also return in the next couple of weeks, along with my NEW SEWING MACHINE (still to-be-purchased)!

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Lois Evensen said...

Sure, it's fun watching your decorating and move into your new home. Travel and moving are a part of my life, too. It can be fun if you make it fun; it can be a pain if you want it to be, too. Life is what we make it and being positive makes it so much better.

I'll stay tuned for the next moving/decorating installment. :)