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Monday, August 9, 2010

Braid Trim Tank

So my sister has this really cute dress from Target I wanted to replicate (it's a bit sad when I'm knocking off Target fashion). But without a pattern, I ended up making it way too big and unflattering, so I started over and cut out a simple tank top and trimmed it with the edging I made for the dress.

I didn't use a pattern for the top - just started with two rectangles and fit from there. The braid trim is made with 4 pieces (instead of 3 like a regular braid) to make it wider and replicate the Target dress. I attached the trim to the top with a regular machine straight stitch near the edge of the trim. That's how the Target dress was made. I would prefer the look of hand-stitched, but this looks fine and was so much faster.

I actually made this while staying at my parents' house a few weeks ago. No sewing going on here for a few more weeks until we're settled in our new house. For now, I'm still doing quite a lot of knitting and should have a sweater to show for it in a week or two!


Amanda S. said...

Very cute! I love fabric braids along the edges of garments. Have you seen the new fall Vogue dress pattern that features that?

Uta said...

The top is so cute. And you look great! (And tan! Florida becomes you.)

Audrey said...

Very cute top.The color and stuyle really looks nice on you. I will have to remember that braids don't have to have only three strands. I have copied Walmart tops so you are a step up copying a dress from Target. I actually think Target has really cute clothes.