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Friday, August 6, 2010

Fall sewing desires

I'm no fashion or style blogger. I have no new take on style. Every time I try to define my own style, my brain has a meltdown. It's some type of classic/boho-lite/boring/whatever-caught-my-eye-last-week mishmash. Having let out that disclaimer, let me say I really like J.Crew. Never does a season pass when I don't covet at least 50% of their new arrivals. So, their new fall pieces are up, and here's what I'm really wanting to make (or break down and buy):

Oh my. Why do I love this so much? I want to wear this with jeans every weekend this winter. I guess this is the logical next step after last year's plaid shirts. It's a little more modern than a plain plaid flannel shirt, and it looks even more cozy in the half-button tunic shape. And it would be so easy to create this pattern from a basic buttondown shirt pattern. Must. Make. This.

I want to make more woven blouses this fall, both casual cotton and dressier silk. I really like the lace details on this one. I'd be limited to white, though, to match the lace to cotton, or I could do a dying experiment, I suppose!

I'm really loving this henley with tuxedo-shirt-type pleats instead of the recently ubiquitous ruffles.

I know that embellished tees and tanks are hardly anything new this year, but I really like how light and deliberate this one looks. Since it's on sale for $20, though, is it really worth making? I guess it'd still be $20 less to make something similar, though, given my stash of knits.

I always love the look of a nice jacket, but wear one maybe once a season. Seriously. I think I'd wear this one, though! It's a knit. It says it's felted wool jersey, but I think it could work with a sweatshirt-type fabric. Or, if I find an inexpensive wool jersey, I know what I'll be doing with it.

How can pants look so comfy and yet so polished? They're 4-way stretch, and I wonder if they would turn out a wrinkly mess on me. I bought a pair of these "minnie" style pants at an outlet and really love how they look. I'll have to post a pic. I don't know how I could possibly find or alter a pattern that would fit as well as these do. (don't think I'll be buying or making these in red, though. I've owned red pants, but I think this skin-tight variety is best kept to black, charcoal, or brown for me.)


sdBev said...

Jenny Did you just move to Florida? If not, my comments are wrong. But if you did, I'd be careful to use light weight fabrics. After the European winters you've experienced you won't think Florida even has winter. A nice light jacket is definitely the ticket for your new locale.

If you don't already know about her, be sure to stop by Deb Cook's blog. She lives in your neck of the woods and although you won't have the same fitting issues, she will have excellent advice for fabric selections. Other than that I say, GO FOR IT. Now is the time to enjoy fashion. You are the perfect age and shape. YES YOU ARE! Please post lots of pics.

lazystitching said...

The pants in this pattern might work? :)

lazystitching said...

The pants in this pattern might work? :)