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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Some sewing updates

Thanks so much for all the congratulations and well wishes.  I didn't know that many people actually read this.  :-)  Mark is such a joy.  I love having a baby around and know it will pass all too quickly.

I have a few updates on current projects.  Here is the white trench I've been slowly plugging away at.  This is the back yoke.  You can see that the point doesn't line right up with the center back seam.  In the instructions, they look like they should match, but the pattern piece for the yoke is not symmetrical, so I'm a bit confused...
Here's a look at the collar and neck details.  I think the tab is an interesting detail.  I like the epaulets, too.  There are a lot of steps to this jacket, but it's coming together quicker than I thought it would.  I just try to work on it for a half hour or hour each day (although I just started that back up the past few days).  
Here's the self-drafted, ruffled cardigan.  It's actually done, but I'm going to sew on some hooks and eyes so I can close it if I want.  When I get that done, I'll post a modeled pic.  I need to get out all the stuff I made while I was pregnant and couldn't model and do a photo shoot.  :-)
And a gratuitous cute shot.  One of our little neighbors (3 years) picked out the stuffed animal, and if I ever forget to sit it with the baby, my older son makes sure to put it in.

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Uta said...

Cute cardigan, and you're very brave to attempt a white coat with two kids! And such a cute photo... makes me yearn for the baby days. You're right, they're over much too soon. Enjoy!