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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Well, I have nothing exciting and finished to show you (although I do have a dress that's been sitting around just waiting for a hem since March). Instead, here's some updates on two knits I'm working on.

First is a big lace scarf/shawl thing. It's my own lace "pattern." I don't think I can really claim a pattern that's such a simple eyelet repeat, but I think it's beautiful. It really allows the subtly-varigated yarn to shine.
Of course, Cleopatra had to see what was so gosh-darn interesting.

Next, a sleeve for the little shrug I posted about maybe two weeks ago. I have one more sleeve to go before I can sew it up. I'm getting a bit worried I'll run out of yarn. This will require a lot of seaming. :-(
And here's a little swatch I made from my buttery blue linen-cotton.

I did cut this out into a collar-less jacket. Here's what I envision. 3/4 sleeves and hook and eye closure.
I'm going to sew self-trim all around the edges, but I can't decide whether to use the gathered stuff or the plain stuff and add some beading. Any thoughts?

Here are closeups of each side. First, the plain version

...and here's the gathered/ruched version.

I also got some knitting goodies in the mail today, but I'll post on that tomorrow.

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