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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Notes on the Purl Stitch

I actually LIKE the purl stitch! I prefer purling over knitting. It is much smoother, easier, and faster than knitting. Today, thanks to Elizabeth Zimmerman (who hated the purl stitch), I figured out why.

I've been knitting for almost seven year now. I taught myself how my sophomore year in college (not counting my nana's lessons when I was about 10). Yesterday, I started reading my first Elizabeth Zimmerman book, Knitting Without Tears. You can see in a post below that I bought this book to knit my husband a sweater for Christmas. Anyway, I've read MANY knitting instruction and pattern books, and somehow, this is the first time I made a very interesting realization:

I've been purling incorrectly for seven years!!

I don't wrap the yarn the correct way around the needle. I go the easy way (no wonder I think purling is easier), which makes the knitting side a bit more awkward from my vantage point. It all comes out the same in the end, but that accounts for why I prefer purling over knitting, unlike any other knitter I know. It should be interested when I start some circular kitting I have planned, to see how knitting is easier when I don't have my funky purl stitches on the previous row.

I tried a few rows the "correct" way today, and decided that since it's all the same in the end, I'll keep doing it my way. Now I have my own knitting idiosyncrasy.

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