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Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Quick Project

Well, here is my current knitting project that has the greatest chance of being finished first. It's #33 Twist Front Top from the new Spring/Summer 2008 Vogueknitting magazine knit with two strands of's Baby Silk on size 6 needles. It's small and interesting enough to keep me going, but I'm at a spot requiring a lot of 1x1 rib right now. Here's a picture of my progress:

I like a lot of the projects in this magazine installment. Of all the ones I like, I hope to make #10 and #31, and I am drawn to the bubbly texture pattern in #12. I thought I could attach a link to the magazine's pattern pictures, but I guess they don't do that on their website. I didn't take pics of the photos I like, so c'est la vie.
In preparation for a cross-Atlantic move (USA, here I come!!), I went through all of my yarn last week. It was fun and exciting... almost like going on a yarn shopping trip since I forgot about half of the stuff in my stash. I purged about 1/4 of my yarn, mostly odd balls and lots of ugly-colored 100% acrylic and scratchy wool from the early days. This has only furthered my resolve not to buy any new yarn until I knit some of the great stuff I have sitting around.
I have not been so good about fabric purchases. More on that another day... At least I churn out sewed items quicker than knit ones (and wear them more often).

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