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Friday, May 3, 2013

Me Made May - day 3

Wow!  Thanks so much for the nice comments on my Vogue draped top.  I hope to see some more of them now.  :-) 

Here is my outfit today.  I blogged about the top here.  I still haven't hemmed it shorter, which I do want to do, but it's amazing what a mini-skirt will do to un-frump something!

On an unrelated note: pretty gladiolas.  :-)  We've had some torrential rain the last couple of days, and quite a few of mine outside got blown over, so I just brought them inside.

Happy spring!


Andrea said...

Yes! We had those crazy but good rains also in Tampa. This color is great on you! Loved yesterday's top also.

Diana said...

Anther really pretty top! The glads are beautiful! They were my mother's favorite flower.

Tampa Bay Lisa said...

No frump at all! Love it! Love the flowers, too...and the tall vase is very cool!!