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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fall Vogue Patterns Picks

Oh my, could the Vogue patterns for fall be any more awesome??

Here are the ones I actually think I might buy and make:

Suddenly I am wanting tunics over leggings, which means the look must be totally going out of style
1315 has an interesting neck detail and cool pockets.

I am predicting that 1314 will be very popular.  Perfectly flattering rouching and how can a jersey dress look so sophisticated?

1317... sigh... so fabulous.
I do NOT need any more church dresses, but I have no doubt I will give in.

8825 could be another tunic option.  It would be really nice and cozy in wool jersey... not that I need cozy in Florida.

I really like 8827, view B (not modeled in the photos), but it's yet another dress I don't need.  We need more sportswear patterns, people.

8833 looks like a really cute shirt I used to have, and it's sportswear!

The pants in 8837 have my attention.  I just may try them out.  They could work under my tunics.

8839 looks like a great sweatshirt substitute.
Ok that's it for me!  Did I miss any you love?


Amanda S. said...

Yeah, I'm a little mad at them for having SO DANG MANY awesome designs in one release. My pattern drawer is busting at the seams!

Jeanette said...

Hi Jenny, I have all of those first dresses and that white top in my cart right now. I'm not sure about the red dress, though. I'm not sure it will lie nicely across the bust. It's nice that the patterns are still on sale!