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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rustling Leaves Beret complete

Voila!  My Rustling Leaves Beret.  Not much to say since I can't find the ball band.  I used a fingering weight yarn doubled.  This was quite quick to knit considering the small needle size and lacey pattern. 

 I posted it on Ravelry here.
 I wore this around most of the day today even though the temperature reached the 70s.  A combination of getting acclimated to the warm weather and the overwhelming cuteness of this hat.  Once I tried it on, I couldn't take it off.


velosewer said...

Cute hat. I'm about to learn how to knit and that's going to go on my 'must try' list.

Amanda S. said...

LOVE it!!! Super cute! I really need to knit myself a beret!

Rachel said...

I love that. You are making me want to knit again.

Diana said...

Oh Wow! That is so classy looking jenny! Love it but don't love to knit .