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Friday, February 17, 2012

Lacey Sweater Knit Cardi

Voila, my Karyn Cardi!  To cut it out, I morphed my TNT tee pattern with a purchased cardi I have.  It was very simple to make - the only  challenge was working with the sweater knit.  I sewed one seam at a time and quickly zig-zagged the raw edges to keep it from ravelling.
 It's been very comfortable today and is a great Florida spring cardi... yep it's spring here.


sandysewin said...

Lucky you to have spring already! Up here in Mass it's still a bit chilly.

Your cardigan came out nice. I love taking purchased clothes and remaking them. Nice job!

Amanda S. said...

Very cute! It has been spring here since January, and before that it was fall. We have had NO winter in Texas, which I do like except for the fact that I've not been able to wear any of my winter outerwear.

Trisha said...

Love this! If this was mine, I think I'd be wearing it everyday. :)

Tampa Bay Lisa said...

Beautiful! You are so talented!