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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Knock-off of Pottery Barn Mirror

When I saw this tutorial on The Lettered Cottage, I knew I HAD to make this gorgeous mirror.  Almost a year later, it's finished.  Actually, it's been finished for a few weeks and it just occured to me to take a photo today.  The reason it occured to me was to join this link party.

I opened the front door to let in some more natural light.  I also made the wreath by hot gluing a bunch of fallish fake flowers from JoAnns onto a stick wreath.  Not exactly groundbreaking, but it's cute.  :-)

I don't have much to say about this other than I followed Kevin and Layla's instructions.  I had to use a different kind of hanger because this thang is HEAVY.  I also used 6 12"x12" mirrors instead of their 12 8"x8"s.  It's just the size I found on sale at Target.  I also ommitted the little decorative tacks they used.  The reflection in the mirror is of the office double doors. 

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