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Friday, April 29, 2011

Jeudi de Jardinage

It's been an exciting week. We drove (yes, 17 hours each way) to my parents' house in PA for less than 4 days to spend Easter with my parents and two sisters and their families. It was so wonderful to have all 7 of our little ones together. I managed to finish up my boys' knitted vests and pants the day before Easter, but that's for a separate post. I'll just give you a little teaser from my camera here, until I get the (hopefully) better shots from my mom.

In other news, my sweet Hubs left this morning for 4 months in a hot, sandy (but pretty safe, thank God) place. My little guy seems to be taking it pretty hard, since he doesn't really understand why Daddy isn't around for bedtime. It doesn't help that about three days ago, he decided to become a pretty serious "Daddy's boy."

Ok, on to the gardening progress:

Hubs has no real interest in gardening... I think he's pretty pleased that I've selected it as my newest hobby since it's relatively productive, as far as hobbies go, but I also know he fears me growing bored with it and having overgrown flower beds all over the yard. Ah, such is the fate of he who chose to marry me. Anywho, he came home from work one day with two gorgeous blossoms snatched from a coworker's bush and said he'd like to get this. I jumped at that little spark of interest and bought two big gardenia bushes. They are beautiful flowers and very fragrant, and they're supposedly perfect for my zone 9 Florida garden.

I wasn't going to plant veggies this year, but my big 4-year-old really wanted to, so I let each of the boys pick one type of seed. We planted carrots (left) and peas (right). The carrots aren't much to look at yet, but I'm hoping much of the work is being done underground still.

My little rose garden. I'm actually sniffing a few cut blooms here in a vase on my counter right now. :-D Makes me so happy.

Here is the flower bed I first showed here. I've dug a bit further, and they've been shooting up. The daisy bush still isn't blooming after all the flowers being picked off by my boys, but I've read this could also be because the roots are hard at work getting settled in its new spot.

I think calla lilies are my favorite flower. They grow in lots of colors and have such a unique, sculptural shape. Love 'em! I couldn't pass up this pre-planted pot (Costco, maybe?) that is flowering beautifully already.

See? I told you they were my favorites.


Alexandra said...

Oh how I envy you the weather! I wish I could plant a garden here in Wyoming but we're still getting snow three nights a week.

Sarah said...

How wonderful to make the drive to spend it with family! You all look so spiffy in your Easter dress- I love the way the dress turned out, and the boy's vests are great!

Also, cute header for Spring. And thanks for commenting on my Easter dress!