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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cape Progress

I've been working on my cape. I want it to be soft and drapey and lightweight, so I didn't interface at all. I hope I don't live to regret that with the collar... I guess I can always take off the collar and add interfacing if needed.

Here are some pics~

I got the lining in two nights ago.

I even remembered to add a hanging loop - that's the kind of detail I usually forget to add. :-)

Now, the lining needs a good pressing, the hem and slit openings need finishing, and I must decide on what type of topstitching to do. I'm thinking hand-running stitch in contrasting brown.

As for this dress, I still haven't decided on the sleeves (Thanks to those who weighed in!!)... there is a new complication. I can't find the second piece of the banded collar. So... if I can't find it or any scraps (remember, I just moved, so who knows where those scraps are), I'll need to go with short sleeves or sleeveless to cut out the collar facing from a sleeve. Without considering that, I was really leaning to keeping them this long legth, so it will be a comfy Florida winter church dress.

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