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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Me Made May 11

I've been absent for a few days. It was a pretty crazy weekend, but I still played along with wearing me-made stuff. I even gave myself a DIY haircut and highlights, so that has to count for something, too! I tried something a little different this time with wispy bangs and big layering in back.

Ok, I couldn't help but share these photos in all their uncropped glory. My 3-year-old is making his photographer debut on this blog. I think he did an awesome job! He had only minimal coaching... "Can you see Mommy?" "Move your finger, sweetie." "Are you sure you can see Mommy?"

Anywho... I whipped up this top last night to basically copy someone else doing me-made-may. :-D I really like how she used the stripes in the contrasting direction at the hem, sleeves, and collar. I'm sure it's not exactly groundbreaking, but I'd never thought to do it.

The fabric is from Chez Ami. It's a children's clothing boutique that also sells some of their fabrics. This was in the clearance section - $7 for 2 yards - and it's really nice.

Oh my. How did that one get in here? I'm sure he was just trying to show the hem.

My only complaint about this top (gotta love anything you can cut and sew in an evening!) is that the bottom band is a bit snug. I couldn't figure out why last night at 10pm, but this morning, it was crystal clear - the fabric is interlock and doesn't really stretch on the crossgrain. Oh wait, I made my hem band on the crossgrain! Oh well. I have no problems getting the neckline over my head but would have preferred to be able to stretch it a bit more as I attached it so it would lay flatter against my body.

The pattern is my TNT shirt pattern, an OOP Butterick.


Trisha said...

Love the striped shirt. Your haircut looks good too! I have been cutting my own hair, but yours looks like a very precise cut-- great job!

ChickyC said...

Hi just checking out fellow MMM-ers and like your stuff. Particularly the new shirt (I have one like that ;-) )

I also have nearly 3yo who is a budding photographer, but her job has been done away with by the tripod and self timer. So she's back to photographing the Wiggles on tv again.

Ruth said...

Cute top. I like the stripes on the band going crossways.

Uta said...

Adorable pics! And great top! I should let my son take pictures; they couldn't possibly be worse than my mirror self portraits!