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Friday, September 12, 2008

Coat Progress

Here's my progress on the coat.  The shell is moving along quite nicely.  I still have to do the bound buttonholes on the sleeves.  I waited to do that until after I set the sleeves to make sure the length is good.  I'll have to put in the shoulder pads, too, before I finish the sleeves.  I also have to finish the front facing behind the bound buttonholes on the front, so that you can actually button through them!  The first picture of me modeling the coat is pretty washed out, unfortunately, but you get an idea of the look.  The collar needs a bit more TLC, also.  It's pretty unruly at the moment.  I want it to lay more symmetrically without having to constantly adjust.Here's a better picture showing some top stitching and the front buttonholes.  I'm really happy with this so far.  I also think the sleeves went in nicely.
Ok, here's my big problem.  I seem to have scorched my fabric.  Where, you ask?  Why, center front of course!  It's looking a bit yellow-ish right under the buttonhole below.  I think it's pretty noticeable.  Is there anything I can do about this, or is there no fixing it now?  

To end on a good note, here's a picture of my lining (not yet pressed - I'm scared of the iron now).  I guess some of the fun butterfly print is lost since there's so many pieces, but oh well, I like it anyway.  I put most of the lining together while I procrastinate dealing with the collar.
I also started (and almost finished) a cute knit top.  That should be done this weekend.  I needed a quick fix.  

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