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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I can't take a decent picture... but at least there's photoshop!

Well, I tried to take a better picture today of the dress I posted about yesterday. Hah! Not likely! I thought a little natural sunlight would help... not so much. Too much light in the background, I guess. It looked pretty much like the ones I took yesterday but the background was lighter. Maybe I should take a photography class or something. Anyway, thanks to Photoshop, I can show you this:

A little better, I think.

And now I have a new sewn item to post about. This is my first successful pair of shorts.
Really, it's my first successful garment involving a crotch seem! :-) I'm proud of me. These shorts were inspired by a pair at JCrew that would have set me back about $70. Not likely. I loved this fabric and thought it would be a dress. I think this is just the right amount of large pattern, though. I'm happy with this creation and will definitely wear it. I'll post a pattern review a bit later tonight, but for now, here are some money shots of my workwomanship.

Again, thank goodness for Photoshop. Don't you just love how I'm leaning in all the shorts shots? I'll have to ask for a camera tripod for Christmas. Obviously, the ironing board isn't cutting it!


Lindsay T said...

Thanks for the new photo of you in the dress. I thought it was fabulous but it was a little hard to tell in the photo.

And those shorts rock!

Adrienne said...

Love the dress and your shorts!!

angie.a said...

GREAT shorts! Wow, I would never have guessed that was your first pair!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.