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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Great Coat Sew-Along

I joined my first sew-along to make a coat this summer. I know, I know... a coat in summer?? Well, it actually won't be complete until the fall, but the idea is to get started early so it's actually done in time to wear it. Isn't that a novel concept? This may be just the kick in the pants I need to get me going. The bog organizer, Marji, is going to close the blog just to participants in a little bit, but I'll keep copying my posts here. Here's my first post there:

I'm very excited to join my first sew along! I've been wanting to make a coat for a while now, and this will hopefully give me the jumpstart and timetable I need to get it done by fall. I already have a plan... I'm going to use this wool flannel coating fabric that I recently purchased from Gorgeous Fabrics. It doesn't feel very flannel-y to me. It has more of a little pile, and I love it!

...and I plan to use this Marfy pattern.
I love the slightly different collar, and that neckline is just begging me for a fabulous knit scarf or three. My biggest concern is the prospect of possibly having to alter the shoulders, since the shoulders and collar all look to be one piece. I usually don't have to do much altering, but I've never made a Marfy before.

This will be my first Marfy attempt as well as my first coat, so it should be interesting. If you're not familiar with Marfy patterns, they come with the pieces already cut out, but there are minimal markings on the pieces, there are no seam allowances, and no directions. I will definitely have to make my first muslin with this project.


Alexandra said...

I like your fabric and that Marfy coat pattern looks so sleek.

Thank you for stopping by my blog. Re: dyeing - no, you don't have to have a special pot. The cooking/simmering part is not required. I have previously successfully used the sink. I just happened to have a 16qt. stock pot (who am I kidding, I'm not ever going to make 4 gallons of soup!) so I used it. You could just use really hot water in the sink.

Heidelberg, that sounds neat. It's only about an hour from here. Maybe we could meet. We have an active knitting group here, too. No sewing group though.

Pajnstl said...

You've picked a nice pattern/fabric for your coat!

* And the last coat I made ended in the garbage!!! lol No need to pretend I would finish.

Happy Sewing!