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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Princess Seam Dress

I'm not sure what to call this dress.  I can't find the pattern on any of the websites, so I assume it's out of print, and I've misplaced it here at home, so no pattern number.  It's just a princess-seam dress.  The pattern was for a strapless dress that was straight across the front.  I added straps, omitted the boning, and made a sweetheart neckline for some pizzazz.  The fabric is a linen/cotton from JoAnn's.  I can't find it at the online store, but I did see a bolt my local store the other day.    This is the dress I wore as a skirt with my new green top.
I didn't take a closeup pic, but I added a detail at the hem.  I hemmed as usual and then pleated a narrow bias strip and hand-sewed it peeking out the bottom.  It is a cute detail and gives the skirt some body.  
I'm just realizing these photos are quite old.  My hair is about 3 inches longer now!


sdBev said...

Your sundress is a delight.

Amanda S. said...

Super cute! I like what I can see of the hemline treatment. (Great shoes too!)

Lois Evensen said...

What a cute dress! Very nice. :)

Diana said...

Very pretty dress, Jenny, It really suits you.

Tampa Bay Lisa said...

Love it!! The print is adorable, the hem is cute, and it's an all-around winner for sure!