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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Vogue 8670 with a roll neck

Tilly's new top pattern has given me the bug to make some knit tops and dresses.  I haven't bought the pattern (because I already have some similar ones), but I anxiously await to see what she releases next.  If you do find yourself in need of a top pattern, give hers a try.  I've read nothing but good things about it.

Aaaaaanyway, this is what I whipped up the other day in about an hour while The Great British Sewing Bee kept buffering.  I decided to use my raglan pattern, Vogue 8670, which I used for a tunic once before.

 The only change I made from the pattern was to widen the neckline about an inch and add a roll neck.  I would have liked it a bit taller (a la Tilly's) but didn't have any larger piece of fabric left.  I cut it on the bias in hopes that it would lay flat and it does!  I assumed I'd have to tack it down in a few places, but it behaves itself nicely.  :-)
 The fabric is a beefy rayon/poly jersey from JoAnn's with the tiniest bit of sparkle.  I really like the weight of this for a nice tee, and I do like a bit of orange in my life.