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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Je t'aime and the Classy Cubicle

I found a new-to-me style blog, the Classy Cubicle.  Now, I have never worked in a cubicle or chosen spiffy work clothes.  When I did work, I wore a uniform every day in my own office, and it's been six years since I did that.  However, if I did work in a cubicle, or anywhere, I would pretty much want to recreate her outfits (with the exception of the overalls look... shuddering).

She has awesome advice for staying classy at work (no hooker heels, cleavage, short skirts...), and a lot of her advice translate into my stay-at-home life and church attire... I spend quite a bit of time at church.  AND, here is the key, she never looks frumpy.  Classy, not frumpy.

My favorites are her casual Friday posts, because that is exactly how I want to dress every day.  I didn't include any photos here (because she specifically asks people  not to take her photos...), but go over and check out the link above.  My goal today is to take one of my older bretons and use my embroidery machine to make this top, minus the sequins.

I'll let you know how it turns out...


Tampa Bay Lisa said...

The shirt will look great, I'm sure! My first thought on the "overall at work" look was that a BBQ restaurant decided to become a "fine dining" establishment, so they traded their wait-staff's denim overalls for black! :-p

Kathryn said...

It's a lovely site and all, but in need the version on a target budget with clothes that can be puked on, and come sized for short people. Guess I'll just go back to being a fashion don't!