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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New Look 6849 - beaded tunic

I used New Look 6849 to make this tunic.  The pattern appears to be out of print since I can't find it on the Simplicity website.  I've used it several times already and find it to be a great starting point for a woven, not-button-front blouse.  The only changes I made were to shorten the sleeves to a cap-sleeve and I omitted the back darts for a looser fit that doesn't need a zipper.
 I was a little concerned about the beading.  I originally wanted to use small wooden beads, but I ended up liking these stone ones.  I worried about the weight and sharpness of the beads, though, and after wearing this top for a few hours yesterday, the large ones on front were drooping.  When I snagged one on a book, I gave up and snipped off all 4.  Now I'm not sure if I'll replace them with something else, or leave it as it is, or maybe take off all of the beads and go with some embroidery instead.  The troubles we have...
The fabric is from Sawyer Brook.  It is out of print now, but it is a very interesting rustic silk.  It looks a lot like linen.


Cherie said...

I love this! The combination of fabric, pattern and embellishment is stunning! Great job!

velosewer said...

It's a great tunic. And the bead work is really tastful too.