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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gradations Bag followup

Oh my, such excitement over my Gradations Bag!  Thank you, thank you for all the kind comments about it.  I have still been proudly carrying it around. 

Lois, I don't think I'll be selling these.  1 - I didn't check the terms of use, but I'd probably have to buy some kind of license to use this pattern to sell, and 2 - With as much time went into this, I'd have to charge like $400 for one to make it worth my while.  :-)  That said, for friends and family who have voiced some interest, I'll see what I can do just cause I love yas!

Mom - sorry I misunderstood your glances.  Maybe I'll let you borrow it when I visit.  :-)

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marysews said...

When people ask me to sew (or fix) something for them, my standard reply is that I would not Do It, but Gladly Teach Them How.