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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Voge 2907 muslin

I just made a muslin for Vogue 2907. I must have made 5 versions of these pants, but Jennifer Stern Haseman is doing a pants Sew Along at Sawyer Brook, so who am I to deny free advice!? I'm always up for improving. Here she is:
I think a small crotch curve scoop is in order to take care of those folds. The back looks fine to me, but are the wrinkles under my booty due to some type of twisting? I'm quite certain I cut on grain. Plus, some of my other versions of these pants do that too.

Speaking of other versions of these pants, here are few of mine:


Audrey said...

Isn't it interesting how the fit can change when a pattern is made in different fabrics. The yellow print is lovely and fresh looking. But I really like the version with the contrast trim. That was a lot of work. Jennifer is great. I met her in person at a sewing expo and read her blog. The back wrinkles are going from your inner thigh and pointing to the widest part of your hips, suggesting the extra fabric in the inner thighs is being pulled to the hips. Have you ever tried releasing the side seam on the outside hip, from about 2 inches below the waist to mid-thigh, to let the fabric fall back on grain and see if the wrinkles disappear. This might open up an area on the side seam were a little more fabric is needed. Maybe a more shaped side seam on the pants back pieces would help. I have taken apart some well-fitting RTW pants and compared them to patterns, and there are real differences in side seam shape in the hip area. It will be interesting to see what Jennifer suggests.

Amy said...

These are super! I have one suggestion about your muslin: attach the waistband. It makes a huge difference when assessing fit.