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Thursday, June 17, 2010

July Burda Style Mag in my hands!

July Burda Mag spoiler alert!

I picked this up at the grocery store yesterday! I'd heard they sell them here in Germany all over, but I never actually thought to look at a newsstand (I usually go to the fabric store to get my copy). The "b" caught my eye on a magazine rack. They also had some Diana magazines (to be discussed later).

So I'm really excited about this magazine for two reasons:
1) the fact that I have it so early (at least it feels early for me).
2) it's awesome! Like the best one I've seen the past 18 months I've been looking at and occasionally buying them.

So here are pics I took of the actual magazine since I didn't feel like trying to navigate the new websites to get the official pics.

I like this piece on updating pants. Kind of a cross between the crafty silliness and a real pattern.

This is a pretty dress! Looks very flattering.

I like this cover dress but can't think of anywhere I'd wear it, so I probably won't make it.

I like this skirt, but I wonder if I'm getting a bit mature for it... not sure what about it makes me ask the question.

I'm intrigued by this. It would make a chic beach coverup.

This is my FAVORITE thing! I'm going to trace it tonight to make in white! I looooove it!!!

It even has the special instruction section!

I like some aspects of the top - the straps, but I don't get the scarfy-tie thing.

Here, I like both the tank on the left, though it's admittedly basic (sometimes that's what we need!), and the skinny pants on the right. I hope the pants fit!

From the kids section, I like the sweatshirt and both pair of shorts for boys. I want to make them some matching swim trunks.

I didn't bother showing the line drawing for this since it's so simple, and it's a plus pattern, so I'd have to downsize it quite a bit, but I have an almost identical pattern already that fits - I just really like the idea of using the sheer on top of a regular knit. Maybe I'll steal the idea if I find a sheer knit I like.

I like the Make 1 from 4 feature this month (I liked the skirts last month, too). I really like the one on the far right - I want to make it up in a sea-blue cotton voile that's aging in my stash.

I really like this design, which is not in the magazine. It's for download on the burdastyle site, but I can't find it on the English site, only the German one for E3.99. I think I may buy it, even though it costs almost as much as the whole Burda style magazine.

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Lakaribane said...

Lucky you! Thanks for the sneak peek. Even the layout of the magazine looks good, LOL!

And dress 120 is my no1 pattern, from the first preview. I can't wait to get my issue.