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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Circle Skirt/Me Made May 30

First, thanks soooo much for all the nice comments on my last dress. I really like it, and it's so nice to hear positive encouragement. :-)

I made this skirt in about 2 hours, and it may be my favorite thing I've made in the past 3 months. :-) Don't you love when the simplest things are the best? The fabric is Kazuri from Sawyer Brook, a simple cotton with a bit of spandex with a really cool print. With all the circle motifs, I couldn't think of anything better to make than a circle skirt. (actually, it's a half-circle)

To make it, I measured my waist where I wanted it to sit, made a strip that length plus 1" for seams for the waistband, and used that good ol' 2*Pi*R = circumfrence to figure out the diameter of the inner half circle to fit around my waist. Make any sense?

Here's a look at the waistband. I used a regular zipper since that's what I had handy, but I'm really only loving invisible zippers lately, since I figured out how to put them in pretty painlessly. This is fine for this casual skirt.

I love so many things about this skirt - the print of the fabric, the swishiness but closeness to my hips, and the fact that I didn't use a pattern at all! I can see myself making more of these.

I wore this for my baby's first birthday... how did he turn one year old? Doesn't he know he's supposed to be my baby forever?


Lois Evensen said...

Very cute skirt. Yes, it's fun when you design and make something yourself. I haven't sewn very much since the kids (now adults) were little and I travel too much now to have my sewing machine at hand very often, but I sure do love measuring the grand kids and designing knit and crochet garments for them while I am traveling. It's just such a fun sense of accomplishment that feels even better when someone else appreciates it, too. :)

Very best,

Trisha said...

Great job on making the skirt without a pattern! What's your secret for installing invisible zippers? I don't have an invisible zipper foot for my machine, so if you have any tips, I'd appreciate them!