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Friday, April 10, 2009

What I've been working on

Here are two little sneak peeks.  

I made this purple top from soy jersey from Emma One Sock.  I got this fabric to go with another fabric for a summer skirt.  I'm not going to make the skirt until after baby comes, though.  :-)  I ended up making the top now so I can enter it in the Pattern Review knits contest this month.  I'm going to wait to do the review until I can have one of my non-pregnant sisters model it next week, though.  The pattern is McCalls 5752 from the waist up, and my own concoction from there down.  I also wanted a wide, obi-style belt, so I made that from Butterick 4976.  Although the fabric is nice and stretchy, it doesn't really work with my current body.  It's a real wrap (not a faux which is attached from the waist down), and there's not a whole lot of overlap, as you can see.  I probably won't really wear this for a few months.

My most recent project is this spring jacket.  The pattern is Butterick 5525 view A.  I really like the cute collar on this.  This photo is the shell, before shoulder pads or lining.  I've since put in both, and it just needs bottom and sleeve hems as well as buttons and buttonholes.  I also have to make the belt.  
I'm really torn here... I could finish this to wear to church on Easter.  Or, I could wait to make the buttonholes until I visit my mom (and her super sewing machine) next week.  Not sure...

By the way, my little machine really got a workout putting on these belt carriers.  I decided to underline the soft cotton fashion fabric with some more stable cotton, so that was a lot of layers of fabric.


Cennetta said...

You are creating some lovely maternity clothes.

Susan said...

You are really making some nice items. Great choices, too.

Libby said...

I just love reading your blog! Thanks for the inspiration. I sure do wish that I had half your talent.