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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Yippee, I'm back!!

Anybody miss me...anyone?? Helloooooooo??
Anyway, I'm back in Germany, and in a new town, Nussloch. I'm loving our new place and my new job as a stay-at-home mom. I'm not bored yet! I do find I'm twice as tired in the evening as I was when I worked... sitting at a desk all day. Now, I'm running around all day. Did I mention I love it, though? I'm feeling so blessed to be able to do this.

So, I still have tons of stuff in boxes all over the place (notice the procrastination as I sit here during the little man's naptime instead of unpacking), and I have some boxes on the way from the States where I just spent 6 weeks, so I have nothing new to show knitting or sewing-wise, exactly. I do have a new idea, though...

I just picked up one of these puppies today, a Reisenthel "Carrybag." Now that I'm out and about more, walking to the store and such, I've seen a few German ladies "in the know" carrying these (I assume they're "in the know" - I think the bag looks handy). I think all the prints are really cute, but I chose this one:

Do they have these in the States now?

Now my mind is ablaze wondering if I could make a cover for it to change up the mood. I have this Amy Butler fabric.

I bought one yard of this as a sort of swatch to see if I wanted the fabric to make a new bedcover for our bedroom. Unfortunately, it's not the colors I hoped, but it is beautiful none the less. I made a dress a while back out of Amy Butler fabric, but I don't know how well this particular print would translate into, say, a skirt. I think it would make an uber-cute basket cover, though. ...and I think I have just enough fabric. Now all I have to do is find my sewing machine in this mess of boxes!

Oh, and check out what is right next to my house. Cable cars of sorts, transporting some sort of cement materials. All I know is they belong to a cement company. They look like they'd be a pain to live by, but I think it's kind of fun and unique, and they're very quiet and stop at night.


Sheila said...

Hi Jenny and Thanks for the lovely compliment on my blouse. That pattern is definitely a winner.

Congratulations on your new Home. The Amy butler pattern would be perfect for the bag. Looking forward to your FO.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, now you know how I feel and why I fall into bed at 9 every night! Chasing boys is way harder than sitting at a desk. I love your new bag - sort of like a small picnic basket. Reminds me of your basket o' babies days :-) I think it'd be very handy since things wouldn't disappear to the bottom like my diaper bag. Enjoy unpacking and organizing your new space - I'm so jealous!

Your Big Sis