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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I am now a Mac user.  I just got my first MacBook.  I don't know much about Mac users other than they have some type of strange hippie/nonconformist stereotype.  My hubby thought this would be a great laptop for me.  I said "Sure, whatever."  It's very flashy and white...  So far, we seem to be getting along just fine.  I just use it for emailing and Internet browsing really.  It does have some differences from what I'm used to (my Gateway laptop is just getting on in years), and I think it will take a week or two to make a real determination on whether I like this better.  Like it or not, though, it's here to stay.

I think I'll be able to cut out my Market Bag Cover tomorrow.  I have the plan all mapped out in my head.  Now, I just have to actually sit down and do it!

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