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Monday, May 5, 2014

Vogue 1382 and Me Made May 4

I employed the services of my 7-year-old photographer today.  I think he did pretty well.  :-)

Yesterday was rainy... all... day... long.  Of course, this filled me with glee since it meant a day of sewing!  I had a new dress for church today to show for it.

Vogue 1382 was very straightforward to make out of some crisp linen from JoAnn's.  I've had the blue in my stash for years, and I picked up the white recently when I decided to make this dress.  I think I quite like the combo.
 I like the easy shift shape.  It's a nice change of pace from my usual body-conscious silhouette.  I blended a size 10 in the bust and waist to a 12 in the hips and the fit is perfect - skims over the hips with a little extra room in the middle.  The pockets are a nice detail on this simple dress.

 Crazy photographer making me laugh...
 Of course, I had to show off the invisible zipper insertion across the colors. Not too shabby.


Amanda S. said...

How cute! I wish my 9 yo could take as good pictures. Waiting for hubs to get home isn't always convenient.

Sue said...

So lovely and fresh in blue and white!

Sue said...
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Diana said...

OOH! I love this on you Jenny amd also this looks like a great pattern. I like body skimming styles like this. It's very forgiving for older ladies like me! Lol!

Anonymous said...

Very flattering
Nice colors
Good fit
Love it