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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tee shirt dress

Here is a simple little tee shirt dress I made last week.  The striped fabric is from JoAnn's and the solid blue is some leftover men's tee shirt fabric I bought to make something for a nephew.  The color match is pure serendipity.  I used my TNT tee shirt pattern and flared out below the hips.  I could have flared out a bit higher, though, because I feel like my hips and rear end are on display a bit in this dress.
These photos were taken after a long, comfortable day of wear, and the dress definitely grew throughout the day.  That was mostly a good thing since I felt a bit self-conscious about the form-fittedness in the morning.  It also grew lengthwise, though, and I'm thinking a new hem is in order.  What started above my knees is now below my knees.  What do you think about the length?
I didn't think to take a good photo of the shoulders,  They lap over in a wide boatneck.  I was planning to put a couple of buttons on them, but I couldn't find a good set in my notions drawer, so I left them open, and I didn't have any trouble during the day with the shoulders.

I tried to match up all of the little stripes on the side seam, but I am proud to say I didn't stress when a couple were a bit off.  I have the same striped knit in hot pink, and I'm planning another dress, but maybe a tank style to switch things up.  This dres is super comfortable.  It's like wearing a nightgown around all day.


Lois Evensen said...

It looks good on you the way it is. There is something about a really comfy dress that is so nice. I absolutely LOVE the colors.

Shirley A.W. said...

This looks fabulous and so breezy and comfortable. Great color on you too!

Cherie said...

Great dress! Did I miss the pattern number?


Andrea said...

Really nice dress! I think I'd hem it, since you asked, to above the knee. The fit is great, and looks great.

Tampa Bay Lisa said...

Looks super comfie, and the pics don't look like it's too tight. I'd definitely re-hem it - but will it keep stretching every time you wear it until there's just a little bit of stretched-out fabric left?! I'm proud of you for not stressing over what to most people would be un-noticed not-quite-matching stripes!!