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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Slow sewing progress

I'm coming along on my little shirtdress I mentioned here.  Actually, it is complete except for the buttons, which are winging (or rolling, more likely) their way here from Sawyer Brook at the moment.  I already made my buttonholes, so I hope I don't regret that... like if the buttons are a millimeter larger than advertised.
 Here is a shot at the hem.  The fabric has a border print that looks like embroidery.  I stitched over the scallop-edged print with a narrow zigzag and trimmed the fabric for a scallop hem.  The white you see in the photo is the bottom of the button band.
 Since I am just waiting for buttons, I also started my next project, Colette Patterns' Macaron.  I've admired this pattern for awhile but always passed, thinking "it's not really my style."  You know what?  I just like it, so apparently it IS my style.  :-)  I love the example photo so much, I'm basically replicating it with my fabrics.  Here are all the bodice pieces with the darts pinned and ready to sew.

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