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Friday, March 15, 2013

Dog Cushion Cover

Awww check out my beautiful lady!  (and her dog bed, the subject of this post.  Do you want the long story?  Too bad, here it comes: 
I was browsing around in Homegoods, as I have a habit of doing, and I saw this glorious dog bed - large and round, zebra patterned cushion, iron-look scrollwork.  It was a beauty.  It cost about $60, and steal-of-a-deal I'm sure that was, I'm sure if I spent $60 on a dog bed, Hubs would have freaked. 
So I decided to make River a nice, personalized bed instead, with stash fabric to boot, so the cost would be almost nothing.  Ha!  That foam - with the 50% off JoAnn coupon almost as much as the froufy dog bed from Homegoods.  Sheesh. 

Anyway, here it is.  I put in a zipper so I can take it off to wash it.  It's a bugger to pull on and off, though, so I don't think I'll do that too often.

Love my embroidery machine!  She seems to enjoy it, depending where I put it.  If it's right next to our bed, she will lounge on it during the day, but if I move it to an unacceptable spot (like an open area by the door), she has no interest.

At least she's pretty.


Uta said...

My son wants me to tell you you have the cutest dog :-) ! He also right away identified the dog bed as "she sewed this, right?" Good job!

Anonymous said...

If you wrap the foam in plastic food wrap, loosely, the cover will slide off and on much more easily.

Lois Evensen said...

How very lovely! You have a wonderful dog, too. :) I'm sure our Penny and Erik would love one of those, too. In the meantime, they just sleep on our bed. It gets a little crowded sometimes, but that's OK. We'll miss them terribly when we go South again soon.

Emily said...

That's awesome!!! Great job! (Isn't it amazing how expensive dog stuff can be??!!)