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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Colette Lady Grey Muslin

I purchased my first Colette pattern a couple of months ago, and I am very pleased!  I chose to try out the Lady Grey jacket pattern, which is a really fun retro-look style with a large collar, swingy hem, and wide 3/4 sleeves. 

I made up a muslin, of sorts.  I used a JoAnn's wool blend suiting fabric that I'd bought pretty inexpensively a year or two ago.  I really like the fabric but wasn't sure what I'd ever use it for (naughty Jenny for buying it in the first place), so it became the muslin.  I liked the result so much that I lined it and finished it, and now I have a lovely gray herringbone model:

Oh my, please excuse the post-yoga photo shoot.
My final version will have a less flared hem and long, less-full sleeves.  I guess you could argue I'm taking all of the style out of it, but I don't really need two of this identical, distinctive style.  I will keep the collar the same proportions, but I will use stiffer interfacing for the second version for more of a stand-up style.

The fabrics I'm using for the final version are from Sawyer Brook:
Cranapple for the shell
Squire for the lining
Gridweft for block fusing stability
I also got some coordinating rayon jersey for a fun top - Magenta Magic

Here are all the fabrics on my table.  Woohoo! 
The jacket fabric and the jersey:


Lois Evensen said...

Very nice! And, it will be quite beautiful in pink. :)

velosewer said...

You know? For the short version, it's a peplum looking jacket and it works. I can see why you finished it. I would only make this shorter version with the same fullness for myself.
As for the next version, it will be sensational.