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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

McCalls 6167

Thank you, thank you for all the input on the pocket dilemma! Opinions were pretty divided (though definitely NO to just one pocket!), so I just went with my original decision, sort of. I had decided (before posting the query) that yes, I liked the pockets. Then, after everything else was done and the pockets were ready to sew on, I had a moment of panic and consulted Hubs. He likes the pockets, so on they went. I'm happy I did it. I think they just jazz up this casual shirt a bit.

Here it is! A comfy plaid cotton shirt, great for a day like today when the main activities are laundry, cleaning, and pillow fights.

The pattern is McCalls 6167. The changes I made were to remove the gathering and tie on the bottom pieces. To do this, I folded out wedges of the excess pattern tissue (meant to be gathered) at the waist, leaving the width at the hips and lower as drafted. This worked out very well and gives a roomy shape but more tailored look. I'm happy with it, anyway. :-)

How's the pocket scale? I didn't make them any smaller, but they do appear so, after finishing the edges.

I also removed about 3 inches from the hem. It still amply covers my butt, and I can still wear it with leggings, but it's less dress-like. Just a personal preference.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pocket Opinions, Please!

So here's my shirt as it stands now. Almost finished. Just needs buttons and a pocket decision.

Please tell, do you like no pockets, two pockets, or just one?

I think I've made my decision, but I've been know to cave to peer pressure.

Friday, February 11, 2011

plaid shirt progress

Thanks for the nice comments on my vest. It was one of those odd projects where a vision came to me of what I wanted with my one lonely yard of gorgeous fabric. Then, everything fell into place from pattern to sewing to buttons, and now I really love the result and think I'll wear it quite regularly. It works for church with a skirt (as it is paired in the photos), and I can also wear it with a brown sweater and jeans for some cozy warmth. It's really unique for my wardrobe. I think I look pretty dorky in regular vests, but the collar somehow elevates it a bit, style-wise.

I have so many sewing plans running through my head... I can't keep up with what I want to do! That's how I like it, though. There's nothing worse than losing the desire to sew and feeling the guilt at all the beautiful fabrics waiting for you and just not wanting to sit down and sew. Anyone agree? That may have been the worst thing about first trimester pregnancy (after morning sickness and constant fatigue, of course... but they're kind of related to having no desire to sew).

So I've been plowing along with my plaid tunic. The pattern is for a tunic anyway. It's one of those empire waist deals, and I took out a bit of gathering over the tummy. If I don't like the length, I'll just cut it off at my hip anyway and we'll call it a shirt.

Here's my progress:

I know exactly why my sleeves don't match up with my fronts as I had planned (and no, I'm not going back and cutting new sleeves even if I have enough fabric). I measured 5/8" in from the front notches and matched those parts of the plaid in my cutting. HOWEVER, I didn't measure in at the correct angles so that the points really do match up. I'll know next time...


side seam

I had taken many photos illustrating how I matched plaid when sewing. I downloaded those photos, deleted them from my camera, and then iPhoto quickly died on me, erasing the photos. :-( Guess I'll document tomorrow when I match plaids on the lower body sections. Then, all I'll need is buttons, buttonholes, and a hem!

Then, on to a silk shell for me... or hubby's dress shirt I've promised for ages... or his PJ pants... or tee shirts for the kids... or a knit dress for me... or linen pants...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Vogue 7975

I found the sneaky, hiding buttons for my plaid vest and finished it up with some quick buttonholes. The pattern I used is the classic Vogue 7975, which I bought to make a Chanel-style cardigan. Now that I know it fits well, I'm really getting the bug to make that Chanel jacket again. I also altered the neckline and tacked on a collar from Simplicity 2473.

Without further ado, here's the vest:

The buttons are from Sawyer Brook but are long sold out.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Plaids and knitting

First off, I've been knitting on and off on a side-to-side cardi of my own design. It's part of my SWAP. One knitted item is allowed. Here it is right now:

I've also started cutting out a plaid shirt for my sew along. Check out details here.

I also did a related little guest post on Barb's Sawyer Brook blog here.

Lots of fun stuff going on. Back to the cutting table!