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Friday, December 10, 2010

Essential Cardigan

I finished up this sweater a couple of days ago. It is the Essential Cardigan from Interweave Knits summer 2010. I just started it around July, which must be some kind of record for me for speed knitting. The pattern page on Ravelry is here.

It came out a bit big so I made the edging bands a bit narrower than the pattern suggests. I also left off the buttons. I can't decide whether I want them or just to leave it hanging open with the option of belting it closed. I think I'll leave it like this for now. I can always add buttons and (machine) buttonholes latter if the trends change. :-)

Without further stalling, here is the sweater, which I am very happy with! I tried it out with two different belts and also left loose.

A bonus is that this sweater will go well with the dress I am working on right now. Here's a peek:

Here's my Cleo kitty, in her new favorite spot, on my kitchen island. You can see the bright green kitchen walls in the background. I still haven't done anything about them. :-) I do have a lighter shade of green and some glaze in the garage to try a little spongeing technique, maybe even this weekend!


Amanda S. said...

Great job! The color is really pretty - I'm always partial to reds. It doesn't look at all too big to me, and I definitely like the belted look.

Susan said...

Great cardi. Love the sneak peak of the dress too. It will be an amzing combo.

Alexandra said...

Great cardigan! I like the belted look, especially with the wider belt - the proportions are just right.

Lois Evensen said...

The colors are all great for Christmas: the sweater, the wall, and even Cleo's basket. ;)

katherine h said...

Hello Jenny,

Marfy don't show many patterns on their site. You can order any pattern by emailing the pattern number to them and they will email back a Paypal invoice.

it is a shame their patterns are so expensive, otherwise I would buy lots more!