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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I've been a bit disheartened by sewing over the past week.  

Remember this cozy and shell I just made?  Well, I made a BIG rookie mistake.  Didn't prewash.  It wasn't even a conscious "well I didn't pre-wash this, but I'll take my chances.  For some reason, I had it in my head that I had pre-washed while knowing fully well that I had not.  So after one trip in the washing machine on cold, hand-wash cycle and air drying, both pieces are unwearable.  :-(  This is no fault of the fabric.  It still looks very nice after the washing.  It just shrunk sooooo much that it would be frighteningly midriff-bearing.

Did I mention in my previous post that I spent quite a few evenings hand stitching the hem the whole way around my cozy?  

Did I mention how beautiful the fabric is and how excited I was about this project?

I just haven't had the drive to sew anything this past week.

I've been working on two things that will be ready to show soon:  knitting a baby sweater for a shower this weekend and using my mom's embroidery machine on a RTW top for my older son.  I also want to show the quilt my mom made for my baby that's almost ready.

If you're still reading, I'm hoping that getting this out of my system and typing it all out motivates me to get moving again!


Amanda S. said...

SO sorry to hear that, Jenny. I had that happen to me this past summer with a linen skirt that completely frayed out upon the first washing. It had been pre-washed, I just forgot to finish that seam as it was concealed. So I feel your pain. It's hard to get the mojo back when that happens. Take a bread and you'll feel the pull of your machine soon.

Kathryn said...

Ugh. And here I thought you were perfect! Better get your mojo back before you come visit me! And I definitely want to see pics of Little Guy's night night. I saw most of it when we were back in Sept. and it looks like it'll be really cute!

kbenco said...

How annoying is that. Full scale sewing disasters are flattening to the mojo. Can you chop off the seams and turn the cosy back into fabric? That is, if you can bear to look at it after it has behaved so badly.

Pammie said...

Wow! I almost made the same mistake -- it's hard with knits, I think ... . because I never think of them shrinking . . . .thanks for the tips!

Anonymous said...
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