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Monday, November 11, 2013

Mixed Prints Tee

This top was inspired by one I saw at Anthropologie that was black and white stripe mixed with a geometric print.  I found these two color coordinating prints at Sawyer Brook and decided to give it a go.  The challenge was that the stripe is a lightweight sweater knit and the print is a cotton gauze.  The gauze had just enough stretch to be forgiving, and I cut those pieces a bit big to make sure they would fit. 
 I used my usual tee shirt pattern, OOP Butterick 3344 and cut it up to get these pieces.  Again, I just cut the yoke pieces about an inch wider than the pattern to make them roomy enough.  After I put the main pieces together, I wanted a little more of the floral fabric, so I added a vent hem with it.  I'm not totally sold on it.  It looks a little loincloth-y to me, so we'll see if I hack it off in a couple of weeks.
 I like how this is a bit different from your plain old tee shirt, but it's not too crazy.  :-)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

t shirt blouse

Here is my swirly paisley poly charmeuse top.  I bought this fabric from Sawyer Brook because I fell head over heels for the print.  I wasn't sure about the fabric, though - poly charmeuse.  I decided on a tee-shirt style blouse, and I am very happy with the result.
 I wore it to church last weekend with a simple black pencil skirt and felt very chic and fun.  :-)
 There are only four pieces - front, back, and sleeves.  There are two bust darts for shaping and that is it.
 Here it is untucked, with some shorts I made recently from Vanilla Pique at Sawyer Brook.  I am finessing the fit of the shorts.  I wear these, but the fit isn't perfect.  A little bunchy on the bum.

I was a little nervous to hem the charmeuse, but it turned out to be no problem.  Sometimes, simplicity is best!