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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Measured Top-stitching

I started my top-stitching with the assistance of a stick-on ruler. The question now: are the stitches on the slit (left of photo) so much better than the stitches on the edge (right of photo) that I should redo the stitches on the edge? Um... I think not, but please do weigh in!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hand stitching help

Just checking in to say I've been suffering an unpleasant flu bug and haven't been doing much other than hiding in bed except for the basic childcare essentials. I'm finally feeling much better today and got an adhesive tape measure to try to help with my hand stitches (can't find a pic online to attach...). I plan to give my much-neglected kiddos lots of very needed attention this afternoon, but tonight, I'll see how the tape measure improves my stitches!

Thanks so much for the encouragement! If there's not a big difference between my new and old stitches, the old stitches are staying in. :-)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Top-Stitching Preview/Insecurities

What do you think of the hand-stitched edging for my cape?

I love everything about it except I worry it looks a little uneven and definitely "homemade." Then, I step back and think it looks fine.
Opinions? Ideas on how to make my stitches more even? :-)

I created this edge-stitching with two strands of machine top-stitching thread. I think I just wouldn't like it as much if I just machine edge-stitched with the brown.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cape Progress

I've been working on my cape. I want it to be soft and drapey and lightweight, so I didn't interface at all. I hope I don't live to regret that with the collar... I guess I can always take off the collar and add interfacing if needed.

Here are some pics~

I got the lining in two nights ago.

I even remembered to add a hanging loop - that's the kind of detail I usually forget to add. :-)

Now, the lining needs a good pressing, the hem and slit openings need finishing, and I must decide on what type of topstitching to do. I'm thinking hand-running stitch in contrasting brown.

As for this dress, I still haven't decided on the sleeves (Thanks to those who weighed in!!)... there is a new complication. I can't find the second piece of the banded collar. So... if I can't find it or any scraps (remember, I just moved, so who knows where those scraps are), I'll need to go with short sleeves or sleeveless to cut out the collar facing from a sleeve. Without considering that, I was really leaning to keeping them this long legth, so it will be a comfy Florida winter church dress.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Opinions, please!

I need some opinions, pretty please. I've been working on Simplicity 2724 and am at a critical decision point. I cut the sleeves for the elbow length , but I think maybe it would be better with short. Hubby thinks sleeveless. What do you think? (You have to imagine them gathered an cuffed.)

I also started working on this cape for a sew-along at Sawyer Brook. Everyone should have more capes in their lives!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

still sewing

Just in case you thought I'd totally ditched sewing, here's the state of the UFO dress from last fall. I finally got the invisible zip in two nights ago after some choice words and ripping (you can see the pull on the right side).

I think the zipper looks pretty nice now. Last night, I cut out a camel cape. More to come on that, of course. Tonight, I'm tacking the sleeves for this dress.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm a carpenter!

I built a bench! It's got loads of "issues", but I couldn't be prouder. :-D See?

I've never attempted anything like this before. While making this project, I drilled my first pilot hole ever and sawed my first cut unsupervised. Husband didn't help at all (not that I wanted him to). It was all me!

I used these awesome plans, but changed some dimensions to fit the baskets I bought for it.

buying the wood:

I received lots of help from both boys throughout the process. I only thought to take photos of the little guy, though. I didn't do any sawing with them around, but I used the drill if only one was present to supervise.

...and here it is!

I have about 10 other plans I want to make now, but first up is a much-needed bed for my little man (the bigger one). He really wants this one... Yep, I made the mistake of giving him choices, and he emphatically requested (begged for) that one.